Letterpress is our pet love! We design and create classic letterpress stationery for weddings and corporate events. Letterpress printing is an artform which has made a revival due to its undeniable tactile quality. This method allows us to make and do from a multitude of techniques and render styles including Embossing, Die-Cutting, Foil Stamping, Overprinting, Edge Painting and so on. Different weights of paper can be printed on, even up to 1,000gsm if required, which simply isn’t possible with standard commercial printers.
A beautiful texture finish can be made with a deep impression which always adds the wow factor. Artisan letterpress wedding invitations designed and printed just for you. It is also worth noting that we purposely avoid templates and our materials are carefully selected based on your needs to create your personal wedding stationery. Every set is crafted specifically to suit your wedding theme. You can see more at Letterpress.ie

Single colour copper on 100% cotton wedding invitation

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress design is a different animal and the versatility allows you to print on premium materials like 100% cotton which definitely makes your brand stand out from the rest. Call us to discuss how we can use letterpress to set the tone of your wedding or add sophistication to your event with stationery that will make you 'belle of the ball'.